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THREE is our training club, an untapped runners family supporting each other to enjoy running and live a healthy life. THREE’s mission is to empower you to create your own training plans, train smart, and maintain a run-life balance.

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untapped runners was founded by Garry “Guru” Wells in July 2014.


A community of runners realising their untapped potential and – most importantly – enjoying their running


To untap your inner runner by teaching you how to train smart – not hard – allowing you to reduce overuse injuries, keep things interesting, and have fun


Garry is a qualified running coach and is the founder of five30runners, founding Event Director of Blackbutt parkrun, and head coach at untapped runners.


In September 2016 Garry created a 7-week Fernleigh 15 plan for me. I finished in 1:34:29, a 22 minute 33 second PB! With Garry’s help since then I’ve achieved PBs for 5km (28:54), 10km (58:51) and 21.1km (2:20:02). I love the untapped runners plans because they get results without taking over my entire life.


Simply the best running coach around. I followed my running plan and with the guidance and knowledge of the Guru, wanting to come in between 2:30 and 2:45, I got a time of 2:31:56 and in the end was able to tap into the ‘untapped’ and bring it home. I cannot thank you enough Garry.


A huge thank you to the Guru Garry Wells. Built the base, followed the plan, hit an injury just out from the race. Listened to your advice. Did it! Now signed up for Sydney – get the plan ready!


My friend and I followed your plan after she came up with a crazy idea to run all 5 races at Warwick Pentathrun. We decided it wasn’t for “non-runners” like us but persevered and completed it. We finished all 5 races (5 minutes after the cut off for the half but thankfully the organisers waited). I was super impressed I could walk the next day! Your plan was super tough but prepared even us “non-runners” well. Thank you!


I want to say thank you. I am amazed about how good my body feels after the weekend at Warwick Pentathrun. I am happy to report no injuries expect for some blisters. Rebecca and I had both said never again but already there is talk of what we will do next year! This would never have happened without your training program.


This photo is me at the end of the half at Warwick Pentathrun after using your training plan. I did all 5 races. First plan I have ever really followed. Did about 70% of my training runs on the treadmill, and long runs on the road. Feeling great today. Not really sore at all – able to keep up with my 3-year-old who ‘coached’ me at times on the tready! This was only my 2nd half so really happy!


Super Cool and Super Fun at Maitland parkrun this morning. And all because I have a Super Coach that believes in me! My first sub-40 at Maitland and a PB of 39:54 so this one is for you Garry and all my regular supporters that keep me motivated along the way.



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