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Thank you for your interest in planning a great year.

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6 steps to planning your year 1


Taken from a series on injury prevention – vary your training. Don’t just run all year.
Another simple message.

There are lots of races on the calendar now. All year and every weekend you could enter a race.

Today we are not talking about your training week, we are talking about your training year.

The reality is that most part time athletes can’t train hard and race all year – we need down time.

Elite runners take a break, re-build their base and then train hard for specific events.


  1. Grab a calendar and don’t just add all the races you want to run – choose some special races that are the ones you will train for.
  2. Check there is enough gap between them for a good recovery – simple rule – for every 10ks of hard racing, take a recovery of 1 week; so if you raced a hard half marathon, then you would normally take 2 weeks of very easy, recovery running, before you start to train hard again.
  3. Well before your planned races, think about taking 2 weeks to a month off (this will change from runner to runner). The Christmas break is a good time to take a few weeks off and rest, swim, enjoy some low impact training. Also read a book or do things that will refresh your mind.
    In this period continue to keep your fitness up by doing some aerobic exercise.
  4. After your break, re-build your running base (4-6 weeks), then a few weeks of harder training and run your first race. After that it is a matter of recovery, training, tapering and then racing.
  5. Adjust your monthly training for the events you have planned. If there is a gap till your next race, you can add specific training for the event:
    Strength work for a hilly half, intervals for a 5k pb, reduce your running and increase your core workouts by 1 day per week to help your form.
  6. Also plan to do something different during the year – helps the body and helps the mind. Some will test out a triathlon, there is obstacle racing, group workouts. This is all about getting you holistically fit – not just good legs.

Plan your year and ease the stress on your running body. 

BUT wait, you have a favourite local race!!

you can still enter your local races.

Just use the run as a training day.

Your Sunday long run can easily be catered for with the local 10k-21k – just don’t race it if you are in build-up mode.

Good luck.

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Garry Wells

untapped runners Head Coach
five30runners founder.