untapped running 101

all my runners will know these 10 elements

  1. Fartleks [speed play] – a short burst of speed in the middle of a run. We normally go for 100m or 200m. Run at a fast pace so you can’t say more than 1 or 2 words at a time.
  2. Tempo runs are run at a pace just below our lactic threshold. The aim is to teach your body to use lactic acid or get a lot further into a run before getting “heavy legs” through lactic buildup.
  3. Guru Summit and Valley are special workouts you’ll learn about if you join untapped runners.
  4. Long runs train your body to go further. The pace should be slow – most of the time you should be able to hold a conversation. We usually base these on time rather than distance.
  5. Base building is very important and often overlooked. Whether you’re starting out or training for a new distance, building a base will help your body prepare for summits, intervals, hill repeats etc.
  6. Repeats are short quick efforts – on a track or up and down hills, for example – that train your body to run faster.
  7. Walk breaks are an important part of intervals that allow you to go faster when you run, or help you to build a base when you need to go further.
  8. Hills are the “runners gym” and great for building strength. Downhill running is hard on the body so we take time to do it safely.
  9. Sprints are very rare in in the untapped runners program.
  10. Niggles and injuries mean your body is telling you something – listen! You have most likely pushed too far, or too fast.