training club (three)

THREE’s vision

an untapped runners family supporting each other to enjoy running and live a healthy life

THREE’s mission

  1. to enable you to build your own running programs
  2. to train smart
  3. to be able to complete a race on just 3 days running per week, enabling you to also have a life outside running

Over the coming months we will be building a knowledge base that members can use to look up workouts, find ideas for intervals, how to taper and so on. We’ll build running plans together and we’ll complete events by running just 3 days per week. You’ll also learn contingency plans – what to do if you miss runs or are travelling, for example.

I’ll be inviting experts to share their knowledge with us. These insights will become part of our library that you can refer to at any time.

My running programs are based on these principles: build a base, do the hard training, sharpen up and taper. We can do this by running just 3 days a week with a strategic mix of intervals, tempo, strength and long running.

We can put these elements together so your actions meet your goals – that’s where THREE will make the difference

Yes, you can download a free app or internet program – I do. But this untapped runners family isn’t just about following a plan – it’s about learning what’s behind the plan, how to adjust it to fit your life, and then getting the support and push from a coach and the rest of the group.

We have a small group of Founding Members while we iron out the creases and perfect our content and delivery.

Interested? Read more here.

NOTE – THREE only opens to new members a couple of times a year – at the moment it is closed while we are upgrading the club with its existing members – there will be a launch in the next couple of months.