sample running plans

I’m releasing a batch of my plans for THREE members to look at, use and learn from. Some of these plans have been available for sale in the past, but I’m including them in your THREE membership to help you learn.

Note – most of these were written for a specific runner or group, and are tailored to their needs and the particular race. You will learn to build your own plans over the coming months.

#1 Simple half marathon plan
I use this plan quite often and adjust to the runner and the event

standard half plan (excel)

#2 Faster 5k plan

This link is for the plan only; purchasers also get hints and tips.

faster 5k_final (pdf)

#3 Warwick Pentathrun 2017 plan

Warwick Pentathrun consists of 5 events over 2 days: 3 races on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, totalling marathon distance (42.2km). This is a unique event so this plan is a little different.

Pentath program_final_2017

#4 Guru’s Gold Coast Half Marathon Plan 2017 (yes, more testing!)

This plan has a 9 week lead-up. What’s different?

  • Intervals are based on mainly Deek’s Fartleks: 800m fast with 200m floats
  • Tempos changed to combine threshold and hill runs
  • Long runs are changed a little – some are now 2 x quicker runs instead of 1 long run
  • I’ve also added in 2 x 10km time trials

We’ll see how it works in July.

Garry GC plan – this is not set in stone – I’m my own guinea pig and I’m thinking of some slight changes 🙂

#5 Warwick Pentathrun to Gold Coast Half Marathon Plan
4 races for Pentathrun, a 10km, and then Gold Coast Half Marathon. The plan is to beat the cut-off time! 🙂

This plan includes a mix of racing, recovering, and training for the next race.


#6 For the Half Marathoner Who Has to Run 20km!

If your head needs you to run 20km before the event, then here’s the plan for you. It’s a 15 week lead up. You’ll also find some different workouts in here, including some different tempo runs.

Bigreds half plan

#7 starter 10k plan

standard 10k plan

#8 Faster 10k plan for a faster flat 10k

speedy 10k plan

#9 Big Reds 7 week Blackmore Half plan

Blackmore 7 week lead up – big red